This is a society for anyone interested in local history, however much of an amateur they may be. We use the work “local” in a very wide sense! We meet at 7.30pm in the Village Hall, on the first Wed. of each month, except during July and August.

Our normal meeting takes the form of a talk by a local expert, on a variety of subjects, from the servant situation at North Wales country houses, to the story of a WW2 flying ace. There is plenty of time for refreshments and socialising afterwards.

We also have many trips to local places of historic interest, e.g. Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool and country houses not normally open to the public. We also take part in Cheshire-wide initiatives e.g. the recent Heritage weekend, when we manned Backford Church and also conducted a walking tour of Old Mollington Village. From time to time we have a social event.

Some of our members have conducted local research and we have published two books about the area of the 5 villages. If you are interested in matters historical, even at a very superficial level, then it would be very nice to hear from you. Contact nos. as given, or just turn up at one of our monthly meetings.

Contact committee members using the details below:

 Name Position  Telephone  Contact
John Hess  Chairman  01244 390098  Email John
Ann Marie Curtis Secretary  01244 851717  Email Ann Marie
Mike Richardson Treasurer 01244 300628 Email Mike

Ann Marie Curtis has an additional campaign which has unfortunately been cancelled:

Once Upon a Smile

This Sunday 26 April, I was due to take part in a 3 day trek along Offa’s Dyke, to raise money for the above, Manchester-based, bereaved children’s, charity.

This has had to be cancelled due to Corona.

Many charities are suffering a loss of income during this time, though their work in many cases has continued or even increased. I have therefore decided to do a 5km trek around the Mollington Circuit, during my legitimate 1 hour of exercise i.e. Well Lane, Grove Road, Coal Pit Lane, Townfield Lane and Well Lane.                                     

I will be setting off from my house at noon on Sun 26 April and hopefully will return at or before 1.00pm, when I shall recuperate with a G & T. It would be great if you could support me by making a donation of no more than £2 to the above charity. Just place the money/cheque in an envelope marked “Charity Walk” and push it through my door, at 12 Willow Lea, Mollington, or save it until we are able to mix socially once more. If you happen to see me on the trek, do not stop me to converse (shout from a distance of 2 metres) as I will be on a tight schedule. I should stress that I do not run - I just walk very fast!

Ann Marie Curtis


The meeting schedule for 2019 is as follows:

Date Speaker Subject
2nd September 2020   AGM for the society followed by History and future plans at Chester Zoo -  Presented by a member of the zoo staff
7th October 2020 Sheila Leonard The Daniel Adamson -  Restoration of an old steam tug from the Ship Canal
4th November 2020 Alan Crosby King Edward I and his travels in Cheshire -  Activities in the 13th century
2nd December 2020 Monty Mercer The Sewers of Hoole -  A construction like no other


Purchase our published books!

Both are of excellent quality, with colour pictures illustrating the articles about local life throughout the centuries and local buildings of historical interest.

Book 1 – Beneath the Surface (red book) has articles ranging from, the Roman Road through Mollington, via the impact of the Railway, to details of a Duel fought at Backford. Local families and events are well documented. Price £12.

Beneath the Surface v1

Beneath the Surface, Volume 2 (green book) delves deeper into the history of important local families, such as the Hunts of Mollington Hall, the Feildens and the Henrys. Humbler, but equally interesting families include the tragic family of the Bennetts of Backford and the Bradleys of Chorlton Hall. Interesting stories include that of Cobber Kain, the first RAF fighter ace of WW2 and the gory tale of Gibbet Mill near Saughall. Price £16.

Beneath the Surface v2

Price of both volumes bought together is only £25!

Contact Mike Richardson 01244 300628