Dear Hirer

We have made every effort to ensure that you can use the facilities at our Village Hall in safety, but you will appreciate that to keep everyone well, there must be constraints on the way we all use and move around the venue. We hope that these will not be too intrusive and we ask for your support in ensuring that all those attending the hall during your hire respect these instructions.

Setting up

If tables and chairs are to be set out, please ensure that you have applied hand sanitiser on arrival, and that you wear disposable gloves during the setting out. Ensure also that the arrangement of furniture provides suitable social distancing:

If chairs are to be in rows, occupiable chairs must be at least 1m or preferably 2m apart. If tables are used these must be set up as per the diagrams on the website

If curtains need to be opened or closed please wear gloves before touching the fabric

If a hirer is using the main hall and wishes to provide hot drinks, the glass washer should be switched on  (instructions for use are on the wall in the kitchen) immediately after arrival so it is ready to be used. Please switch off and close down as per instructions on leaving

Hirers of the committee or garden room can use the kettle in the committee room but please bring your own tea, coffee, milk, sugar and crockery

Signage is provided which enables hirers to mark out one way routes which facilitate social distancing. Please set these up before attendees arrive and remove those which you have put up before leaving. Do not move any other signage


It is recommended that if large numbers are attending (above 10) that the option of staggered arrival times is considered. To avoid close contact during arrival, please ensure guests queue in a socially distanced way outside in the carpark, where guide markings are in place to mark distances.

There is a one way system in place through the hall so that people arrive at the main entrance but depart from a different one.

Main Hall users: depart via the fire doors near the stage

Garden Room users: depart via the fire doors leading out of the back of the hall

Committee Room: this does not have access to a separate exit; please supervise the exit of people from the committee room via the main entrance, ensuring that they leave in such a way that they are well spaced apart and NOT as the same time as other user groups may be arriving.

On arrival ALL users must make use of the hand sanitisers which are positioned on the walls throughout the hall, with instructions.

You are required to sign the Hirer’s Book on arrival, to show that you undertake to ensure all guidelines are followed. You are also required to sign on leaving that you have done this, and that you have ensured all windows are closed and the building is secured when you leave


Users must be told where the toilets are, and to read the instructions on the walls by and in the toilets on safe usage. It may be necessary to allow longer toilet breaks. They should also be told that if there are other user groups in the hall who will also need access to the toilets, that courtesy and distancing should be used to avoid different groups becoming close to one another.

If a user becomes ill while at the hall

There is a Covid-19 “pod” in the disabled toilet, where a chair is provided so the unwell person can be seated to wait until transport is available to take him or her to hospital. By the telephone there is a Covid-19 box which contains:

Gloves, disposable aprons, a thermometer, face shields, disinfectant wipes, disinfectant spray and disposal bags. Microwaveable wipes (for cleaning room down afterwards)

Helpers should don aprons, gloves and face shields while attending to the sick person. Once the sick person has been transported to hospital, all the equipment used should be double bagged in the bags provided. The room should be cleaned with disinfectant spray.The thermometer should be cleaned with disinfectant wipes

A member of the Village Hall committee must be informed of the incident, along with details of where the user had been, so that that the affected part(s) of the hall can be deep cleaned and quarantined before being hired out again

It is the responsibility of the hirer to contact all those present to inform them that they will need to self-isolate for 7 days

The used PPE etc is kept on the premises for 72 hours before being disposed of