Room bookings - charges and conditions

Hire Charges
Current Room Hire rates are as shown in Proposed Room Hire rates applicable from September 1st 2021..

Booking Arrangements
Any hall bookings should be made directly to the Bookings Secretary. You can reach them using this link.

Hiring Conditions
All hirers are required to comply with the hiring conditions prior to undertaking any hiring agreement. These conditions are set out in the attached document. We also have introduced new guidelines covering the use of Bouncy Castles within the village hall environment. 

Fees for Community Groups
Definition of a Community Group - 
A Community Group is where a team/group activity is in the early stages of being established. It is non-profit making, accessible to all and brings benefits to the community of the five villages (Mollington, Lea-by-Backford, Backford, Chorlton-by-Backford and Caughall).

Fees -  Where there are initial set up costs (eg: equipment purchase, advertising) the hire fees may be reduced by 50% of the current rates for the set period of 4 "taster sessions" of the activity. Following the 4th taster session a review will be undertaken. If the activity is popular, running well and appears sustainable, then the reduction will be removed. If the activity is still struggling (ie: poor attendance) a review to establish on-going feasibility is done. 
NB: This is not an automatic reduction and requires prior agreement with the Booking Secretary.

Risk Assessments
All hirers need to perform their own Risk Assessment of their operations in our hall following the content of the attached Risk Assessment document. For regular hirers this needs to be done on a regular basis, usually at least once per year.

 - No person under the age of 18 to be allowed in the bar area and shall not be served alcohol
 - Person to serve alcohol must be named by hirer
 - The committee reserve right to ask for age identification
 - The bar must close by 12 midnight to allow for drinking up time

 - Children must be supervised at all times, and in all areas
 - No additional heating to be used in the Hall. Please do not adjust room thermostat
 - No lasers, pyrotechnics, fireworks, explosives, hypnotism or animal acts
 - Kitchen to be left clean and tidy – rubbish recycled, if bins full rubbish to be taken off the premises. All glass bottles to be remove from the premises
 - No provision of food after 11pm
 - Hall and toilets to be left clean, chairs and tables returned to original position
 - Music to be kept to a reasonable level
 - Hirer should note where fire exits and extinguishers are placed
 - First aid box in kitchen and committee room
 - Please do not park on the road
 - Any damage /breakages to be reported to a committee member, and repaired or replaced

Keys available from: 
Mrs Judy Morgan

1 Mount Farm Cottage,
Poplar Hall Lane,
Chorlton - by - Backford,

Email Judy

tel: (01244)851678