Mollington and Backford Cinema Club

The Mollington and Backford Cinema Club was founded in autumn 2010, by Barry Elsom, who has been associated with the village hall for a number of years.

As usual we will be running the season membership scheme, with an initial payment of £10, with all subsequent films through to April 2018 inclusive FOC.  If you do not expect to attend more than two performances during the season, or you would like to bring an out of town guest, then there is a temporary membership for the night only of £5.  
There are the usual bar facilities.  The VH is keen to promote many community events, as a boost to their BLF funding, so if you can make it do come along, the autumn schedule is always tricky as many people in the village take the opportunity to pick up a cheap flight after the schools go back, and there is is ever dreaded 'Strictly', to contend with, which I know has a lot of fans.  Remember you can sign up at any time during the season, and we already have our first subscription.  Watch the VH A Board, and the VH web site for further info, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or phone 851713.  Barry Elsom

There are certain restrictions. Advertising is limited to in-house publicity, although we consider that A boards, and the Parish Magazine article qualify, as do the village and village hall websites. Entry must be free and be restricted to paid up members of the cinema club. The premises need to have a performance licence which the VH has. This costs £87.00 per annum, rather than the £100 single performance licence for each film. Bar or food sales are not affected. Guests of members will be able to buy a 24-hour membership for £5.00

Doors open 18:45. Films start 19:30

For more information, please call Barry on 01244 851713.