Mollington, Backford & District 1st Village Show

Sunday 9th September 2018
@ The Village Hall, Station Road

Entrants Setup @ 9am to 11am
Open to Public @ 2pm
Prize Giving @ 4pm

Bar & light refreshments Available throughout the afternoon



Who can enter exhibits in the Village Show?

We welcome entries from anyone living in the 5 Villages. You may make any number of entries but only one in each class. Young people may enter any class but no special allowances will be made if they enter the adult classes.

How to book your entries in

Use the Entry Form at the back of this Programme and tick the classes you are entering. Entry fees are £2 per exhibit, 50p per exhibit for young people’s classes 36-40.  

As soon as possible please post or hand deliver your Entry Form(s) with payment to:

Janine Moorcroft, The Laurels, Grove Road, Mollington, CH1 6LG.     01244 851572 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.     Cheques payable to: MBDVH or pay online to:
Lloyds Bank Plc - Sort Code: 30-91-92 - Account: 00396686

Entry closes 21 August 2018 - No more entries can be accepted

Entries per Class

We may have to restrict the number of entries to 6 per Class due to space in the Hall, so first come first served.

What to do on the day of the Show ~ Sunday 9 September 2018

You must bring your exhibits to the Village Hall between 9.00am and 11.00am. You will be given an EXHIBITOR NUMBER which must be shown on all your entries. Stewards will help you to stage your exhibit. Unless absolutely necessary, exhibits will not be moved before judging, but exhibits may be re-arranged after judging so that they are grouped attractively for the public to view.

Judging and public viewing

The Hall will be closed at 11.00am prompt so that judging can take place. The judges’ decisions are final. The Hall will be open again from 2pm for the public to view the exhibits and prizes will be presented at 4.00pm. Please do not take your entries away until after the prize giving.


Except in the Young People’s classes groups A & B (under 12yrs), where prizes will be cash sums of £1, 75p and 50p respectively, winners will receive a small non-cash award and all winners will receive a Certificate. There will be a 1st Prize in every class, a 2nd Prize if four entries and a 3rd Prize if six entries to a class.

This is a fun event!        


Make sure you follow any special instructions mentioned below, plus the Hints for Exhibitors and any guidelines the Judges have provided - or your entries may be marked down.

SPUDS IN A BAG ~ this class began 2 April 2018 so is now closed.

FLOWER ARRANGING (if you are interested in fruit & veg, look at Classes 8-17)

Judged on perfection of the blooms and the overall arrangement of your flowers. All items in these classes must be brought to the Village Hall already completed. You may use any of your own containers you consider suitable.

Class 1

3 stems of contrasting foliage

Class 2

3 stems of roses of any colour or variety in a vase

Class 3

An arrangement of 3 Dahlia in a vase

Class 4

3 blooms of any one garden flower except those included in Classes 1-3

Class 5

An exhibit using flowers of only one colour (of your choice)

– space allowed 30cm x 30cmx45cm high

Class 6

“Small is beautiful” – an exhibit, space allowed 10cm x 10cm x 10cm

Class 7

An exhibit on the theme of “Harvest” – space allowed 50cm x 50cm x 60cmH


Be sure to present your exhibits as explained in “Hints for Exhibitors”

Class 8

3 dessert apples of any one variety

Class 9

3 cooking apples of any one variety

Class 10

3 sticks of rhubarb

Class 11

10 raspberries, with stalks

Class 12

5 plums of on any one variety

Class 13

A truss of tomatoes of any variety as grown

Class 14

5 different varieties of fresh herb, tied in a bunch and with their stalks in water

Class 15

One flower, one fruit and one vegetable on a tray no larger than 50cm x 25cm

Class 16

The oddest-shaped home-grown vegetable of any kind

Class 17

The greatest weight of “Spuds in a Bag” (entries closed 2 April)


The Judges have provided guidelines for each Class in this Category so please ensure you get a copy, it also includes the recipe for the Victoria Sponge Cake which all entrants must follow.

Class 18

Victoria Sponge Cake filled with raspberry jam (use recipe provided)

Class 19

Fruit Tart (of your own choice) on a 7-8” (18-20cm) plate

Class 20

Swiss Roll

Class 21

4 x Chocolate Brownies (your own recipe)

Class 22

Jar of jam made from any fruit(s)

Class 23

Jar of chutney of any variety

Class 24

Fruit liqueur (e.g. damson gin, cherry brandy, etc.)

Class 25

5 fresh hen or duck eggs of matching size and colour, on a plate.


Class 26       A painting of an Autumn still life, in water colour, acrylics, oil or gouache.                         A4 (297 x 210cm)

Class 27       “The view from my window” any medium, A4

Class 28       “These boots are made for walking”, a black & white drawing, using pencil, pen or charcoal. A5 (148 x 210cm)


Photos, in colour or black and white, must have been taken by the exhibitor within the last year, and be no larger than 18cm x 13cm, mounted on plain white A4 paper. Guidelines for judging are available.

Class 29

A Cheshire landscape with an explanatory caption

Class 30

A photo in which plants or flowers are the main feature

Class 31

A photo of a domestic pet or pets, suitably captioned

Class 32

A photo of one or more farm animals suitably captioned

Class 33

A photo of local wildlife, suitably captioned

Class 34

A humorous photo, suitably captioned

Class 35

A photo on the theme of “Village Life”


Each class will be judged in two sections – (A) for under 8’s, (B) for ages 8-12 years based on age at 1 September 2018. Please provide the age of the exhibitor on their entry form.

Class 36

A pebble up to 15cm painted with an animal’s face

Class 37

A photo of a farm animal, pet or nature

Class 38

A painting of an animal, a self-portrait or “My House”

Class 39

A model of an alien, from your imagination made from recycled materials.     (Not taller than 45cm)

Class 40

A collage on a paper plate entitled “My Favourite Meal”


Photographs not more than 7” x 5” (18cm x 13cm) mounted on a sheet of plain white A4 paper


You can ask for a sheet on Hints for Exhibitors and What the Judges are looking for in their specific classes when you register your entry(ies).  

Entries are now closed (as of 21st August 2018).



Village Show Poster A4 PRINT